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Teach your skid steer loader or tractor new tricks with Skid-Lift.

Skid-Lift Features

  • Hydraulic controls
  • Overriding ground control
  • Standard Fork Lift Pockets
  • Tilt deck ± 4° (1908E HD Model)

  • Greaseless Bushing Inserts in the Scissor Stack on all lifts

  • Four Models to Choose From
    1505S Model
    1805S Model
    2306S Model
    1908E HD Model

Four Models to Choose From

Model 1505S



Skid Lift 1505S Model with 21 Foot Working Height

Model 1805S



Skid-Lift 1805S Model with 24 Foot Working Height

Model 2306S



Skid Lift 2306S Model with 29 Foot Working Height

Model 1908E HD



Skid Lift 1934E HD Model with 25 Foot Working Height

Work Safely and Be More Productive

Tremendous Reach on the Skid-Lift Attachment

Compact Design, Huge Reach.
Your team is getting a raise.

With the small footprint of the Skid-Lift and the hook-up plates on the end and the side (optional), it allows you to get into tight spots were other units cannot go.

Standard Fork Lift Pockets

Standard Fork Lift Pockets.
Quick Attach, Plug and Play.

Fork lift pockets allow you to pick up and move or load the unit using a standard forklift, or use the auxilary hydraulics on a forklift for indoor work if desired.

All-Terrain, All Weather Scissor Lift Attachment

All Terrain, All Weather. Less Downtime Equals Productivity.

The Skid-Lift works anytime your Skidsteer works including rain, sleet, snow or sun. Cold weather, hot weather, doesn’t matter, keep your crew moving and productivity high.

Easy-Adjust Legs on the Skidsteer Lift Attachment

Easy-Adjust Legs Ensure You’re on Stable Ground.

Skid-Lift Legs adjust outward to increase the size of the footprint when needed and up and down to allow you to compensate for uneven terrain and ensure the lift has solid footing to sit on no matter what kind of terrain you throw at it.

Videos: See Skid-Lift In Action

Maximize Positioning Options with Skid-Lift’s Optional Side Quick-Attach Mounting Plate.

Skid-Lift’s optional side lift plate attachment allows user to hook up from the end of the lift or the side of the lift. Different attach positions allow for legs to be adjusted in many variations to allow for uneven terrain or sloping ground. This can also aid in reducing re-position moves reducing the chance of tearing up sod, making large ruts, etc.

Tilt deck ± 4° at any height. Your back will thank you.

Skid-Lift’s unique 4 degree tilting system allows you to not only level the platform on uneven or sloping terrain, but also allows you to move closer to your work without the dangers of leaning out over railings. This feature can be used at any lift height to maximize work efficiency and productivity while reducing back strain due to over-reach. Available on the 1908E HD Model.

Easy to load and unload. Small trailer footprint.

The Skid-Lift can be put on a trailer while attached to the Skidsteer for quick on and off loading to get working quickly. It can also be loaded using the forklift pockets using a standard forklift. Made to be moved on the same trailer as a standard Skidsteer trailer, it makes getting to and from job sites a breeze.

What Skid-Lift Users Say

It made perfect sense when I saw it. I already have a drive system, hydraulics, steering, etc. on my skidsteer, why buy them again on a separate unit?
Keith Tysdal, Tysdal Farms
This unit will go anywhere my Bobcat will go. On our old unit, we had to lay down plywood to get anywhere with it on soft ground, what a pain!
Brad Johnson, Johnson Farms
I really like the unit and I feel so much safer when I am up on it. When I look down and see that I am attached to a large skidsteer, it puts me at ease and makes the unit very stable!
Tyler Burnside, Red River Valley Construction and Remodeling
Normally the rain stops us in our tracks, but when this is mated to our Cat with tracks on it, it allows us to get work done when we normally wouldn’t.
Harold Reimer, Reimer Welding, Inc.

Having the Skid-Lift is peace of mind that both my son and I are safer when working around the farm.

Craig Blair, Minnesota Farmer
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