See what our customers are saying about Skid-Lift and view photos of them using the product on job sites and on their property.

Jason S. – Builder in Northern MN

“We used it a lot putting up the wall sheeting, fascia, eves, etc. I don`t know how we did it before the Skid-Lift, a lot of wasted time with scaffolding and up and down ladders I guess…We already have at least a half dozen jobs lined up that we will definitely be using it on.”

Earl K. – Property Owner in Southern WI

“I’ve now owned my Skidlift for a quarter of a year and have lost count of how many times I’ve used it. Cleaning gutters, trimming trees, washing second story windows, and the list goes on. I’ve included some photos of a fan install on one of my pole buildings, a roof repair, and my daughter-in-law washing windows. It has the Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence effect. Everyone wants to don the harness and do some work.”

Brian O. – Central MN Public Works Department

“We love the Skid-Lift. We use it more than we ever thought and everyone wants to borrow it including the local school system. It has been a very safe way to work around town putting up banners and seasonal decorations, doing maintenance on buildings, trimming trees, and anything we do when working up high.”

Hunter W. – Contractor in Alabama

“I wanted to send you a message and let you know that we love this lift! We have already put it to good use! ”

Frank B. – Aggregate Company in Northeast, SD

“We recently used the Skid-Lift to service all of the speed reducers on our stackers (oil changes and inspection). In the past it would mean pulling the stacker(s) out of line and either putting the head pulley up on to a stock pile or lifting the tail up to a point that the head could be reached. Both options are time consuming and would definitely mean down time if the speed reducer needed to be replaced. In my estimation from a time saving perspective, 70% time savings can be achieved by being able to service stackers while in place. Also changing out roller racks on a stacker –perfect. We are also now using this in place of ladders where we have enough space to put the lift.”

Randy T. – Pole Barn Builder in Eastern, TN

“My lift is the best lift ever. This is the house I’m working on.”

Craig B. – Farm Owner in West Central, MN

“I have done a lot of things in my life that can be somewhat risky but the last thing I want to do is take a chance on my son getting hurt like I did or possibly worse. Having the Skid-Lift is peace of mind that both my son and I are just a little bit safer when working around the farm.”

Cody S. – Contractor in Eastern, ND

“We love using the Skid-Lift. I make sure no other crews grab it when I start a job. It will go anywhere our CAT skid steer goes without sinking into to soft soil like our self-propelled all terrain scissor lift.”

Todd C. – Northeast Wyoming Airport

“We love the Skid-Lift and use it almost every day. It is great for general maintenance around the airport and the maintenance team enjoys using it!”

Troy M. – Pole Building Gutter Installing in Manitoba, CAN

“The Skid-Lift has been the best and most versatile lift I have ever used when paired with my Terex telehandler!”

Heather and Gary D. – Hobby Farm Owner in Northeastern, IA

“We used our Skid-Lift all day today. You developed a great piece of equipment! We love it.”

Bill H. – Lake Home Owner in Northern MN

“I have been using the skid lift quite a bit and have about half of all my buildings stained. I must say it has made the work very easy for an “Old guy”. The lift has easily cut my work time to less than 1/2, much easier on the body and the safety of having a platform to work from is great.

I am very happy with the extra attachment plate I ordered makes working along side a building a breeze. All and all I am very pleased with the lift it has made my work around the house and cabin much quicker and safer.

Thanks for taking the time when you delivered the lift to explain everything. The next day I was using the lift without any problems. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner been staining the house.

Thanks again Paul, great product!”

Barry W. – Builder in Western NE

“The Skid-Lift was a life saver! Wish we had one years ago. The time we saved using the Skid-Lift was amazing.”

Jack T. – Contractor in Northern CA

“I was very impressed with the build quality of the lift and how well it looked when I received it. It works great with the tractor and I cannot believe how well it works with the tractor just idling along. My guys love it and it is much safer than working off of ladders which we were doing in the past.”

Jim M. – North Central SD

“The Skid-Lift is still paying for itself!”