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Optional Items

View available accessories for your Skid-Lift.

Collapsible Railing System

Skid-Lift has recently developed a collapsible railing system that has been requested by a couple of customers who have needed to get into tighter areas. This is not always needed as most times the cab of the skid steer or tractor is the main restraint but in certain cases this system can be beneficial. This is an optional add-on item and can be ordered by special request. It is not standard on any of our units.

Basket Lowering Warning System

The Skid-Lift Basket Lowering Warning System is an add-on option that can be requested for companies that require some kind of warning protection for when the basket is coming back down to the ground. The system has both a warning light and siren / buzzer. The system is powered by a typical lawn and garden battery which is not included in the system due to shipment of the battery unless it is ordered with a Skid-Lift and installed before delivery. All components can be bolted on and attached to existing Skid-Lifts in the marketplace. System includes light / siren, mounting post and mount, wiring harness, battery box and mount plate, master switch, flow switch and connectors, and instructions.

42” Extended Leg Set (2 legs per set)

The 42” Extended Legs Set is an optional item that can be used to level the Skid-Lift in very dramatic slope conditions. Examples of this may be when you encounter a steep slope such as bank when cutting trees or around buildings. The legs can be used on either end or either side depending on the slope requirements. If the slope drops away from the machine, the skid steer or tractor will be all the way down in it’s lowest position with the longer legs supporting the side that is on the slope. If the slope is running the other way,  then the short legs need to be on the end opposite the skid steer or tractor. It may be required to remove the cab door of the skid steer in order to exit the skid steer. This is dependent on the make and model of the skid steer as many exit strategies are different on different brands of skid steers.

3-point Adapter Plate for Farm Tractors

Skidsteer to Tractor 3-Point Mount Adapter Plate

The 3-Point adapter plate is a mount that allows the conversion of the skid steer attach plate, which is standard on Skid-Lifts, to be converted so that it can be connected to a Class I or Class II 3-point hitch. Both Class I and II hook options are offered on the same attach plate. This plate can be used in either the end or side mounting plates as needed. Hydraulic couplers that are required to hook to the tractor are not supplied or offered as an option as there are many different types of couplers used with different brands of tractors and even variations between brands. We recommended that you talk with your dealer to make these up. You can make adapters that will go from the skid steer flat face coupler to your tractor-style coupler adapter or simply swap out the flat face couplers for tractor-style couplers if you are only going to use it with a tractor.