Skid-Lift named one of the Top 100 New Products of 2018

//Skid-Lift named one of the Top 100 New Products of 2018

Skid-Lift is proud to announce that the Skid-Lift 1530S and 2230S models have been featured in the Top 100 New Products of 2018 issue published this month by Construction Equipment magazine.

The 1530S and 2230S models allow customers to work safely up to 21′-28′ feet in the air with a 15′ and 22′ platform height respectively, a 12.5 square foot working deck, along with side and end access doors. Both models have an optional end attach plate that is now available.

The 1530S and 2230S models were designed for the user looking for a more cost-conscious model that does not need all the features found on the 2030E HD. Unlike the 2030E HD, the 1530S and 2230S do not offer side tilt, deck extension, or heavy frame construction. They also come standard with a single side attach plate but the end attach plate is available as an option if needed to allow for specific basket placement along a building. These design differences allow us to keep the weight and cost down while still offering a great product with all the benefits of a Skid-Lift: a safe working platform, the ability to work on uneven terrain, ease of use, simple setup and easy transportation.

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Skid-Lift 1530S and 2230S Models

Skid-Lift 2030E HD Model

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