Tyler Burnside of Red River Valley Construction and Remodeling, who is using a pre-production unit, has been excited about using the unit since first seeing it this summer. Red River Valley C & R has a crew of five specializing in large and small construction projects in the Pelican Rapids, MN area. They quickly put the Skid-Lift to good usage erecting a pole building for a local farm owner in the pelican area. They have since used the unit to do a large remodeling project to Spanky’s Stone Hearth Restaurant on Rose Lake by Vergas MN.

Tyler quickly commented on how useful the Skid-Lift is for their operation. “The easy one man operation for the lift has been very handy for us.” Typically, a Tele-handler might be used which always requires another man to run the lift up and down. He also likes the fact that he feels very secure on the Skid-Lift stating ” I really like the unit and I feel so much safer when I am up on it. When I look down and see that I am attached to a large skidsteer, it puts me at ease and makes the unit very stable”. He also really likes the fact that the Skid-Lift can be used on any type of terrain in any conditions and has the ability to be hooked to his skidsteer, either from the front or the side, making it extremely versatile.