Skid-Lift successfully attaches to Farm Tractor

//Skid-Lift successfully attaches to Farm Tractor

Recently we had the opportunity to hook up our Skid-Lift Model 2030E to a farm tractor to see how it would work. We always thought that it would work but had not had the time to test it to be sure. The Skid-Lift worked very well with a tractor and it handled it with ease. We used a 65 HP utility tractor and we recommend the 2030E be used with a 50 to 80 hp tractor. We have never seen any other lift work with a farm tractor that we are aware of!

It was hooked up to the 3-point hitch with a skidsteer to 3-point hitch adapter plate that we offer for both Class I or II category hitches. You also need adapters to go from the skidsteer flat face couplers to the specific tractor hydraulic ends on your specific tractor. These can easily be made up at your local dealer. You can also just change out the flat face couplers for couplers that match your tractor if you are only using it with a tractor.

We are very excited to offer this option to Farmers, Ranchers, Orchard Owners, etc who may not have a skidsteer available. It also would be very handy in soft soil conditions like working on irrigation booms, orchards, or any other application were a farm tractor has better flotation than a skidsteer.

Three-Point Mount

Three-Point Mount to Tractor Hitch

Raising and Lowering the Skid-Lift (Video)

Moving the Skid-Lift around the farm with the tractor (Video)

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