Skid-Lift Debuts at Farmfest Ag Show in Morgan, MN

//Skid-Lift Debuts at Farmfest Ag Show in Morgan, MN

Skid-Lift, LLC was very pleased by the exceptional debut of its new Skid-Lift product at the Minnesota Farmfest Ag show in Southern MN. Skid-Lift made its first showing to the general public and received an overwhelming response. Many trade shows rarely see new and exciting products that have never been seen before. There was overwhelming response to the unit and many wondered why a product like this had not been invented before.

“We had many great conversations with people with all kinds of potential customers who thought it could be used for everything from cleaning grain dryers and getting at hard to reach locations around a farm to changing light bulbs” said Guy Nelson, President of Skid-Lift, LLC. We also had a large number of vendors who stopped over and inquired about being a dealer for the new product. Most people were amazed when they saw it and wondered why it took so long to come up with this concept. They liked everything from its ease of use, lack of maintenance and parts required, types of terrain it could be used on, and the price point compared to similar “powered” units. Guy states “almost everyone on a farm has a Skidsteer and this is one way of utilizing it to the fullest!”

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