New Lighter, More Affordable Skid-Lift Model Coming Soon!

//New Lighter, More Affordable Skid-Lift Model Coming Soon!

Skid-Lift is excited to announce a new model that has been designed and will be available soon. The model will be a 2230S with a 22′ reach to the platform base giving a working height of 28′. This will be more of a base model as we have been getting a lot of requests on this model. It will not have side tilt or a deck extension making it lighter and more affordable.

Skid Lift Model 2230S

We are currently taking orders on this and have units in production which will be completed soon. Feel free to contact us directly if you would like more info. The specs are as follows:

Skid-Lift 2230S

• Lift Height: 22’ to the base of the platform (28’ working height)
• Basket Size: 5’ long x 30” wide
• Attach Plates: 1 attach plate on the side of the unit
• Entry Gates: 2 Entry gates, one on the end and one on the side (same side as hitch)
• Controls: Controls at the base and in the Basket
• Side Tilt: N/A
• Deck Extension: N/A
• Weight (1650 #) Not actual yet but ballpark

Below are a few CAD photos of the 2230S model. Sign up below for email updates on this model, or contact us.

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