Moorhead Public Utility using Skid-Lifts to Clean a Transformer Sub Station

//Moorhead Public Utility using Skid-Lifts to Clean a Transformer Sub Station

Skid-Lift S Models used by Moorhead Public Utility

The Moorhead Public Utility is using the Skid-Lifts to clean a transformer sub station in Moorhead, MN. The team at the Moorhead Public Service Department in Minnesota really like the lifts and find them very handy.

This sub-station was located right next to the I-94 bridge that goes over the Red River. This public service company cleans this sub-station as it attracts a lot of the bridge de-icer from the interstate bridge which causes problems for the transformers. They do not clean all sub stations like this but have many other uses for these lifts as well. They said they work great in sub-stations that are in low areas, where the ground is soft, for trimming trees in backyards where trucks cannot get, as well as building maintenance. They love how they can get into areas under the framework of the sub-station were the big boom lifts had trouble getting into. When they do this, the sub station is completely switched off and grounded.

In the past they used ladders to do this but found our lifts very versatile and easy to maneuver in tight spaces. They are also a lot safer and faster than using ladders. The Utility company already had the Bobcat skid steers for other uses and are using our “s” model lifts.

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