Minnesota Farm Owner Invests in a Skid-Lift after Ladder Fall!

//Minnesota Farm Owner Invests in a Skid-Lift after Ladder Fall!

Recently a farm owner from midwestern Minnesota purchased a Skid-Lift 2230s for working around his farm after having a close call last summer. While working on a step ladder to trim trees around his property, Craig Blair was up on the ladder and was three-quarters of the way through a branch with a chainsaw when the branch came down in a swinging motion and undercut his ladder. Craig had the foresight to keep a good eye on the chainsaw and make sure he knew where that was going. Unfortunately, he was not able to see where he was landing as he had his eyes fixed on the saw and wanted to make sure that it was not going to come back and cut into him.

Bent Ladder

Craig ended up landing on both the heavy tree branch and the ladder causing him to break a couple of ribs completely off. He was in severe pain for 3 days and moderate pain for 3 to 6 months while healing. Craig says “not only was it very painful but it also cost him a lot for an emergency room visit, x-rays, medications, clinic visits, etc.” He is on the farm by himself most times and realized how tough it would be to get hurt and still keep the farm going. Craig decided to invest in a Skid-Lift 2230s for his farm and really liked the fact that he could attach it and run it off his tractor.

Skid-Lift 2230S Extended on John Deere Tractor

That made it ideal for going out and trimming trees along the groves so that the overgrown limbs do not catch implements during spring planting, spraying, or harvesting. He also purchased an optional 3-point attach plate adapter that slips into the skid Lift attach plate and attaches to his 3-point quick hitch on his John Deere tractor which makes hooking it up and getting into the fields very quick and easy.

Craig also has a Case skid steer which he can use with his 2230s Skid-Lift using the standard skid steer attach plate that comes standard on the unit. Craig plans on using the lift for all kinds of farm use including maintenance of shop buildings, checking grain bins, trimming trees, accessing tall equipment for repairs and maintenance, etc. Craig says, “I have never really liked being up at heights especially when working on a ladder. After the fall I realized it was time to think about safety and what happens around my farm if I am not here to run it.”

Craig also has a college age son who is his only son. He works around the farm whenever he is on breaks from school. Craig states that, “I have done a lot of things in my life that can be somewhat risky but the last thing I want to do is take a chance on my son getting hurt like I did or possibly worse. Having the Skid-Lift is peace of mind that both my son and I are just a little bit safer when working around the farm and that is good peace of mind.”

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